Kate's Doggie Dubbing!

In honor of and bearing the namesake of our sweet Kate, we have launched an exceptional and deeply personal way to memorialize your favorite fishing partner!

For the last few years I have been using as much of Kate's hair and fur as I could to tie my flies. It was a way to keep her "on the water" with me. Shortly after she passed I went on a Steelhead trip and realized when I sat at the bench that these were ideal flies to highlight her!

We can tie you functional flies for your local trout streams and / or with a picture, we can build a beautiful shadowbox with a few specialty heirloom flies to put above the desk, mantle, or bedside!

​Send us a small baggie of hair and fur, and we will create a memorial for your favorite fishing partner!


We have partnered with Colleen McGovern to create the highest quality and most beautiful TOPO maps of some of our favorite rivers. 


Given that we make our living in some of the most beautiful places on earth, we carefully select high quality pictures from our trips and adventures. 

If there is a picture of your trip with us that is special and meaningful, we will enlarge, matte and frame so that memory can become a permanent part of your collection!